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Archivaria 15: Archives and Libraries: Essays in Honour of W. Kaye Lamb (Winter 1982-83) Introduction: W. Kaye Lamb Details   PDF
Wilfred I. Smith
Archivaria 12: Includes index to issues 1-10 (Summer 1981) "Inuit in Church": Clearing Photographic Misattribution Details   PDF   abstract
William C. James
Archivaria 88 (Fall 2019) Investigating the Impact of the Living Archives on Eugenics in Western Canada Abstract
Wendy Duff, Jefferson Sporn, Emily Herron
Archivaria 61: Special Section on Archives, Space and Power (Spring 2006) Invisible Presence: The Whitening of the Black Community in the Historical Imagination of British Archives Abstract   PDF
Caroline Bressey
Archivaria 8 (Summer 1979) IRONS and BRENNAN, Descriptive Inventory of the Archives of the State of Illinois Details   PDF
Marion Beyea
Archivaria 24 (Summer 1987) Is There a Future in the Use of Archives? Details   PDF
David B. Gracy II
Archivaria 43 (Spring 1997) ISAAR (CPF): International Standard Archival Authority Record for Corporate Bodies, Persons and Familes Details   PDF
Archivaria 34: International Congress on Archives (ICA) (Summer 1992) ISAD(G): General International Standard Archival Description Details   PDF
International Council on Archives (ICA), Brien Brothman
Archivaria 50 (Fall 2000) Issues Surrounding the Preservation of Digital Music Documents Details   PDF   abstract
Brent Lee
Archivaria 58 (Fall 2004) It's Public Knowledge: The National Digital Archive of Datasets Abstract   PDF
Patricia Sleeman
Archivaria 11 (Winter 1980-81) Itineraries of a Researcher Details   PDF
Richard Cobb, Jean Favier
Archivaria 14: Archives and Social History (Summer 1982) IVES and NATHAN (eds.), Australian Historical Bibliography, Bulletin No. 5 and Bulletin No. 6 Details   PDF
George Bolotenko
Archivaria 44 (Fall 1997) IVEY WEST GALLERY, LONDON REGIONAL ART & HISTORICAL MUSEUMS, Made in London Details   PDF
Ann Alam
Archivaria 22: Includes index to issues 11-20 (Summer 1986) JAMES, A Fur Trader's Photographs: A.A. Chesterfield in the District of Ungava, 1901-4 Details   PDF
Andrew C. Rodger
Archivaria 20 (Summer 1985) James Andrew Fraser, 1946-1985 Details   PDF
Victor Russell, Karen Teeple, Harold Averill
Archivaria 67: Special Section on Taking a Stand!: Activism in Canadian Cultural Archives (Spring 2009) JAMES M. O’TOOLE and RICHARD J. COX, Understanding Archives & Manuscripts Details   PDF
Michael Gourlie
Archivaria 21 (Winter 1985-86) JAMESON, W.J. Oliver: Life Through a Master's Lens Details   PDF
Margery Tanner Hadley
Archivaria 5: Photographs and Archives (Winter 1977-78) JANIS and MACNEIL (eds.), Photography within the Humanities Details   PDF
Andrew Birrell
Archivaria 2 (Summer 1976) JANNING (comp.) and BROWN (ed.), Library, Documentation and Archives Serials Details   PDF
Réjean W. Héroux
Archivaria 75 (Spring 2013) Jay Atherton, 1936–2012 Details   PDF
Michael Swift
Archivaria 49 (Spring 2000) JEAN BRUCE, CANADIAN MUSEUM OF CIVILIZATION. Virtual Exhibition The Last Best West: Advertising for Immigrants to Western Canada, 1870–1930 Details   PDF
Ellen Scheinberg
Archivaria 81 (Spring 2016) JEAN DRYDEN, Demystifying Copyright: A Researcher’s Guide to Copyright in Canadian Libraries and Archives, 2nd ed. Details
Heather Martin
Archivaria 4: The Working Class Record (Summer 1977) Jean M. Boone 1911-1976 Details   PDF
Gertrude E. Gunn
Archivaria 46 (Fall 1998) JEAN, Numerical List of the Randy Bachman Fonds Details   PDF
Tim Cook
Archivaria 29: includes supplement, "The Education of Archivists" (Winter 1989-90) Jean T. Guenette, 1928-1989 Details   PDF
Archivaria 82 (Fall 2016) Jean Tener, 1931–2016 Details
Jean Dryden, Apollonia Steele
Archivaria 71 (Spring 2011) Jean-Pierre Wallot, 1935–2010 Details   PDF
Michael Swift
Archivaria 17 (Winter 1983-84) Jenkinson and Schellenberg: A Comparison Details   PDF
Richard Stapleton
Archivaria 33 (Winter 1991-92) JENNESS (ed.), Arctic Odyssey: The Diary of Diamond Jenness, Ethnologist with the Canadian Arctic Expedition in Northern Alaska and Canada, 1913–1916 Details   PDF
Douglas Whyte
Archivaria 73 (Spring 2012) JENNIE HILL, ed., The Future of Archives and Recordkeeping: A Reader Details   PDF
Terry Cook
Archivaria 45 (Spring 1998) JEWISH MUSEUM AND MARYLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Facing the New World: Jewish Portraits in Colonial and Federal America Details   PDF
Laurie A. Baty
Archivaria 51 (Spring 2001) JIMERSON (ed.), American Archival Studies: Readings in Theory and Practice Details   PDF
Terry Eastwood
Archivaria 85 (Spring 2018) Joanna Sassoon, Agents of Empire: How E.L. Mitchell’s Photographs Shaped Australia Details
Emma Hamilton-Hobbs
Archivaria 26: Archives and Military History (Summer 1988) JOCKEL, No Boundaries Upstairs. Canada, the United States and the Origins of North American Air Defence, 1945-1958 Details   PDF
Robert P. Cameron
Archivaria 60: First International Conference on the History of Records and Archives (I-CHORA) (Fall 2005) John A. Bovey, 1934-2005 Details   PDF
Gary Mitchell
Archivaria 33 (Winter 1991-92) John Andreassen, 1909-1991 Details   PDF
Robert H. Michel
Archivaria 85 (Spring 2018) John H. Slate and Kaye Lanning Minchew, Managing Local Government Archives Details
Charlotte Woodley
Archivaria 57 (Spring 2004) John Hall Archer, 1914-2004 Details   PDF
Ian E. Wilson
Archivaria 71 (Spring 2011) JOHN RIDENER, From Polders to Postmodernism: A Concise History of Archival Theory Details   PDF
Greg Bak
Archivaria 29: includes supplement, "The Education of Archivists" (Winter 1989-90) JOHNSON, Art History: Its Use and Abuse Details   PDF
Eva Major-Marothy
Archivaria 23 (Winter 1986-87) JONES and MACPHERSON (eds.), Building Beyond the Homestead: Rural History on the Prairies Details   PDF
Neil B. Watson
Archivaria 36: Electronic Records; includes index to issues 21-30 (Fall 1993) JONES (ed.), Fake? The Art of Deception Details   PDF
Eva Major-Marothy
Archivaria 11 (Winter 1980-81) JONES, Local Government Records: An Introduction to their Management, Preservation and Use Details   PDF
Archivaria 20 (Summer 1985) JONES, Midways, Judges, and Smooth-Tongued Fakirs: The Illustrated Story of Country Fairs in the Prairie West Details   PDF
Patrick A. Dunae
Archivaria 88 (Fall 2019) Jordan Landes and Richard Espley, eds., Radical Collections: Re-Examining the Roots of Collections, Practices and Information Professions Details
Jennifer Grant
Archivaria 16 (Summer 1983) Joseph Cuvelier, Belgian Archival Education, and the First International Congress of Archivists, Brussels, 1910 Details   PDF
Lawrence D. Geller
Archivaria 57 (Spring 2004) Journal of Archival Organization 1, no. 1. Details   PDF
Diane Beattie
Archivaria 11 (Winter 1980-81) Journals Details   PDF
Gordon Dodds
Archivaria 23 (Winter 1986-87) J.S. Matthews, and an Archives for Vancouver, 1951-1972 Details   PDF
Robin G. Keirstead
Archivaria 77 (Spring 2014) Just Let It Go? Controlling Reuse of Online Holdings Abstract   PDF
Jean Dryden
Archivaria 22: Includes index to issues 11-20 (Summer 1986) "Kallista Perintöä–Precious Legacy!": Finnish-Canadian Archives, 1882-1985 Details   PDF
Edward N. Laine
Archivaria 83 (Spring 2017) Kara Ann Quann, 1971–2016 Details
Cara Downey, Kathryn Lagrandeur, Sharon Smith
Archivaria 52 (Fall 2001) KARAMITSANIS, Place Names of Alberta, Vol I, Mountains, Mountain Parks and Foothills; Place Names ..., Vol II, Southern Alberta; HARRISON, Place Names ..., Vol III, Central Alberta; AUBREY, Place Names of Alberta, Volume IV, Northern Alberta Details   PDF
David L. Brown
Archivaria 78 (Fall 2014) KATE EICHHORN, The Archival Turn in Feminism: Outrage in Order Details   PDF
Rebecka Sheffield
Archivaria 74 (Fall 2012) Kate O’Rourke, 1968–2012 Details   PDF
Jim Burant
Archivaria 74 (Fall 2012) KATE THEIMER, ed., A Different Kind of Web: New Connections Between Archives and Our Users Details   PDF
Kathryn Harvey
Archivaria 72 (Fall 2011) KATE THEIMER, Web 2.0 Tools and Strategies for Archives and Local History Collections. ELLYSSA KROSKI, Web 2.0 for Librarians and Information Professionals Details   PDF
Karine Burger
Archivaria 84 (Fall 2017) KATHERINE BIBER and TRISH LUKER, eds., Evidence and the Archive: Ethics, Aesthetics and Emotion Details
Steven Maynard
Archivaria 29: includes supplement, "The Education of Archivists" (Winter 1989-90) KAUFMAN (ed.), Labor's Heritage, Vol. No. 1 Details   PDF
Gregory S. Kealey
Archivaria 9 (Winter 1979-80) KEALEY (ed.), A Not Unreasonable Claim: Women and Reform in Canada, 1880s–1920s Details   PDF
Barbara Lazenby Craig
Archivaria 42: includes supplement: "Perspectives on Archival Education in Canada" (Fall 1996) KEEGAN, Warpaths: Travels of a Military Historian in North America Details   PDF
Gary A. Mitchell
Archivaria 54 (Fall 2002) KEEN, Romances of the Archive in Contemporary British Fiction Details   PDF
April Miller
Archivaria 30: Religious Archives (Summer 1990) Keeping of Jewish Records in Ontario, The: Toronto Jewish Congress/Canadian Jewish Congress Ontario Region Archives Details   PDF
Stephen Speisman
Archivaria 28 (Summer 1989) Keeping Safely the Public Records: The PRO Act of 1838 Details   PDF
Wilma MacDonald
Archivaria 55 (Spring 2003) Kent Haworth, 1946–2003 Details   PDF
Reuben Ware
Archivaria 43 (Spring 1997) KENWOOD HOUSE, Houghton Hall: The Prime Minister, The Empress and the Heritage. The Reconstruction of the Collection of Sir Robert Walpole Details   PDF
Susan North
Archivaria 19 (Winter 1984-85) KESNER, Automation for Archivists and Records Managers: Planning and Implementation Strategies Details   PDF
Laurenda Daniells
Archivaria 11 (Winter 1980-81) KESNER, Automation, Machine Readable Records and Archival Administration: An Annotated Bibliography Details   PDF
Archivaria 78 (Fall 2014) Kicking Off the Women’s “Archives Party”: The World Center for Women’s Archives and the Foundations of Feminist Historiography and Women’s Archives Abstract   PDF
Sarah Lubelski
Archivaria 21 (Winter 1985-86) KILLAN, David Boyle: From Artisan to Archaeologist Details   PDF
Bennett McCardle
Archivaria 68: Special Section on Queer Archives (Fall 2009) Killed Negatives: The Unseen Photographic Archives Abstract   PDF
Allen C. Benson
Archivaria 30: Religious Archives (Summer 1990) KING, E.W.R. Steacie and Science in Canada Details   PDF
Brien Brothman
Archivaria 28 (Summer 1989) KINNEAR & FAST (comps.), Planting the Garden: An Annotated Archival Bibliography of the History of Women in Manitoba Details   PDF
Karen Teeple
Archivaria 79 (Spring 2015) KIRSTEN WELD, Paper Cadavers: The Archives of Dictatorship in Guatemala Details   PDF
Heather Home
Archivaria 4: The Working Class Record (Summer 1977) KITCHING, The Central Records of the Church of England: A Report and Survey Presented to the Pilgrim and Radcliffe Trustees Details   PDF
Trevor J.D. Powell
Archivaria 41: Archives and Medicine Revisited (Spring 1996) Klaus B. Hendriks, 1937-1996 Details   PDF
Richard J. Huyda
Archivaria 28 (Summer 1989) KLINE, A Guide to Documentary Editing Details   PDF
Laura Millar
Archivaria 28 (Summer 1989) KLIPPENSTEIN, FRANZ & ENS (eds.), Resources for Canadian Mennonite Studies: An Inventory and Guide to Archival Holdings at the Mennonite Heritage Centre Details   PDF
Marie-Louise Perron
Archivaria 44 (Fall 1997) KNAFLA and KLUMPENHOUWER, Lords of the Western Bench: A Biographical History of the Supreme and District Courts of Alberta, 1876–1990 Details   PDF
David W. Leonard
Archivaria 11 (Winter 1980-81) KOLASKY, The Shattered Illusion: The History of the Ukrainian Pro-Communist Organizations in Canada Details   PDF
Edward Laine
Archivaria 20 (Summer 1985) KOLTUN (ed.), Private Realms of Light: Amateur Photography in Canada, 1839–1940 Details   PDF
Estelle Jussim
Archivaria 53 (Spring 2002) KRAMER and MITCHELL, Walk Towards the Gallows: The Tragedy of Hilda Blake, Hanged 1899 Details   PDF
DeLoyd J. Guth
Archivaria 10: Archives and Medicine (Summer 1980) KRAUS, A Rare Book Saga: The Autobiography of H.P. Kraus Details   PDF
Richard Landon
Archivaria 28 (Summer 1989) KROLLER, Canadian Travellers in Europe, 1851-1900 Details   PDF
Leslie Mobbs
Archivaria 55 (Spring 2003) KULA, Appraising Moving Images: Assessing the Archival and Monetary Value of Film and Video Records Details   PDF
Brock Silversides
Archivaria 45 (Spring 1998) L'archivistique au service des chercheurs : le respect des fonds et l'accès à l'information dans les services d'archives Details   PDF   abstract
James Lambert
Archivaria 29: includes supplement, "The Education of Archivists" (Winter 1989-90) L'archivistique, instrument de développement : le cas de la Côte d'Ivoire Details   PDF
Carol Couture, Marcel Lajeunesse
Archivaria 1 (Winter 1975/6) L'Association des archivistes du Québec Details   PDF
Marcel Caya
Archivaria 3 (Winter 1976/7) L'Association des archivistes du Québec Inc. Details   PDF
Françoise Houle
Archivaria 26: Archives and Military History (Summer 1988) L'histoire sociale des soldats canadiens de la Première Guerre mondiale : les sources Details   PDF
Jean-Pierre Gagnon
Archivaria 37 (Spring 1994) La fonction "acquisition" en archivistique et en bibliothéconomie : éléments de comparaison Details   PDF   abstract
Louise Gagnon-Arguin
Archivaria 29: includes supplement, "The Education of Archivists" (Winter 1989-90) La formation en archivistique à l'École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l'information de l'Université de Montréal Details   PDF
Carol Couture
Archivaria 44 (Fall 1997) LA GAZETTE DES ARCHIVES 172, De la diplomatique médiévale à la diplomatique contemporaine Details   PDF
Marta Maftei
Archivaria 7 (Winter 1978-79) La Récupération des archives syndicales au Québec Details   PDF   abstract
Jacques Rouillard
Archivaria 45 (Spring 1998) La référence : une fonction archivistique à part entière Details   PDF   abstract
Edwidge Munn, Denise Rioux
Archivaria 12: Includes index to issues 1-10 (Summer 1981) Labour and Trade Union Archives/Les archives des syndicats et mouvements ouvriers Details   PDF
John Bell
Archivaria 27: Documenting Labour (Winter 1988-89) Labour Archives: An Annotated Bibliography Details   PDF
Rodney Young
Archivaria 4: The Working Class Record (Summer 1977) Labour, Records, and Archives: The Struggle for a Heritage Details   PDF
Nancy Stunden
Archivaria 11 (Winter 1980-81) Labour Records of the Hudson's Bay Company, 1821–1870 Details   PDF   abstract
Philip Goldring
Archivaria 4: The Working Class Record (Summer 1977) Labour Sources in the UBC Library's Special Collections Division Details   PDF
George Brandak
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