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Archivaria 70 (Fall 2010) VERNE HARRIS, Archives and Justice: A South African Perspective Details   PDF
Wendy Smith
Archivaria 69: Special Issue on Archives and the Law (Spring 2010) Victoria: The Keep-It-All State? The Impact on Archives of the Crimes (Document Destruction) Act 2006 and the Evidence (Document Unavailability) Act 2006 Abstract   PDF
Kathy Sinclair
Archivaria 31: includes supplement "Public Programming in Archives" (Winter 1990-91) Viewing the World Upside Down: Reflections on the Theoretical Underpinnings of Archival Public Programming Details   PDF
Terry Cook
Archivaria 5: Photographs and Archives (Winter 1977-78) VINCENT, Consolidated Liberator and Boeing Fortress Details   PDF
Terry Cook
Archivaria 41: Archives and Medicine Revisited (Spring 1996) VINCENT, Index to Pre-1900 English Language Canadian Cultural and Literary Magazines Details   PDF
Steven Francom
Archivaria 50 (Fall 2000) VINCENT, The Culture Of Secrecy; MOYNIHAN, Secrecy: The American Experience Details   PDF
Paul Marsden
Archivaria 54 (Fall 2002) Visual Archives and the Writing of Canadian History: A Personal Review Details   PDF   abstract
Jim Burant
Archivaria 62 (Fall 2006) VODDEN and DYCK, A World Inside: A 150-year History of the Canadian Museum of Civilization Details   PDF
Krisztina Laszlo
Archivaria 51 (Spring 2001) W. Kaye Lamb Prize Details   PDF
Archivaria 62 (Fall 2006) W. Kaye Lamb Prize Recent Winners Details   PDF
Archivaria 10: Archives and Medicine (Summer 1980) WAGNER, Barnardo; HARRISON, The Home Children: Their Personal Stories Details   PDF
Douglas Whyte
Archivaria 57 (Spring 2004) WAISER, All Hell Can't Stop Us: The On-to-Ottawa Trek and Regina Riot. Details   PDF
Erin Coulter
Archivaria 30: Religious Archives (Summer 1990) WAISER, The Field Naturalist: John Macoun, the Geological Survey, and Natural Science Details   PDF
Jeffrey S. Murray
Archivaria 22: Includes index to issues 11-20 (Summer 1986) WAITE, The Man from Halifax: Sir John Thompson, Prime Minister Details   PDF
Bruce Walton
Archivaria 45 (Spring 1998) WALCH, Maintaining State Records in an Era of Change: A National Challenge. A Report on State Archives and Records Management Programs Details   PDF
Patricia Daum
Archivaria 13: Cartographic Archives (Winter 1981-82) WALNE and ELLIS (eds.), Selected Writings of Sir Hilary Jenkinson Details   PDF
Alan D. Ridge
Archivaria 40 (Fall 1995) WALTON and STEELE (eds.), CHEVREFILS (comp.), The George Ryga Papers Details   PDF
Lorna Knight
Archivaria 10: Archives and Medicine (Summer 1980) War Amputations in Upper Canada Details   PDF   abstract
Charles G. Roland
Archivaria 3 (Winter 1976/7) WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY, SCHOOL OF MEDICINE LIBRARY, Archives Procedural Manual Details   PDF
Barbara Lazenby Craig
Archivaria 33 (Winter 1991-92) WATERSTON, with EASTERBROOK, KATZ and SCOTT, The Travellers: Canada to 1900; MÖLLER, Fontanus: From the Collections of McGill University; PENNINGTON & BELLAY, For God, King, Pen & Country ... ; AACH, Impressions: Stories of the Nation's Printer... Details   PDF
Nancy McMahon
Archivaria 22: Includes index to issues 11-20 (Summer 1986) WATT, In All Respects Ready: The Merchant Navyand the Battle of the Atlantic, 1939-45; SMITH, The King's Yard: ... ; LYNCH & LAMB, Gunshield Graffiti: Unofficial Badges of Canada's Wartime Navy; COOKE, The Canadian Military Experience 1867-1983: A Biblio. Details   PDF
Glenn Wright
Archivaria 6 (Summer 1978) WATT, The Shopping Guide of the West: Woodward's Catalogue, 1898–1953; The Autumn and Winter Catalogue: 1910-1911 of the Hudson's Bay Company Details   PDF
Norman R. Ball
Archivaria 32 (Summer 1991) WATTS (comp.), Guide to the Records of the Canadian Unitarian and Universalist Churches, Fellowships and Other Related Organizations Details   PDF
Roderick McFall
Archivaria 38 (Fall 1994) WATTS, RYMES (ed.), The Bank of Canada: Origins and Early History/La Banque du Canada : Origines et premières années; BUSSIERE, Paribas: 1872–1992 - Europe and the World Details   PDF
Duncan McDowall
Archivaria 4: The Working Class Record (Summer 1977) Wayne State University: The Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs Details   PDF
Philip P. Mason
Archivaria 21 (Winter 1985-86) "We Are Still Adventurers": The Records of the Hudson's Bay Company's Development Department and Fish and Fish Products Department, 1925–1940 Details   PDF
Anne Morton
Archivaria 40 (Fall 1995) "We Make Our Tools and Our Tools Make Us": Lessons from Photographs for the Practice, Politics, and Poetics of Diplomatics Details   PDF   abstract
Joan M. Schwartz
Archivaria 29: includes supplement, "The Education of Archivists" (Winter 1989-90) WEARMOUTH, Checklist of Yukon Newspapers 1898-1985 Details   PDF
Eileen M. Edmunds
Archivaria 34: International Congress on Archives (ICA) (Summer 1992) Weaving Provenancial and Documentary Relations Details   PDF
Heather MacNeil
Archivaria 5: Photographs and Archives (Winter 1977-78) WEINSTEIN and BOOTH, Collection, Use, and Care of Historical Photographs Details   PDF
Richard J. Huyda
Archivaria 11 (Winter 1980-81) WELCH, Archives and Manuscripts Held by the Historical Society of Ottawa Details   PDF
Archivaria 6 (Summer 1978) WELDON and HAMBY (eds.), Access to the Papers of Recent Public Figures: The New Harmony Conference Details   PDF
D.L. McDonald
Archivaria 55 (Spring 2003) WELLHEISER, SCOTT and BARTON, An Ounce of Prevention: Integrated Disaster Planning for Archives, Libraries, and Record Centres, Details   PDF
Ala Rekrut
Archivaria 2 (Summer 1976) Western Canadian Studies Conference 1976 Details   PDF
Keith Stotyn
Archivaria 30: Religious Archives (Summer 1990) WESTFALL, Two Worlds: The Protestant Culture of Nineteenth-Century Ontario Details   PDF
David Marshall
Archivaria 32 (Summer 1991) WHALEN (ed.), Records of Federal Royal Commissions (RG33); Volume I: Series 33/1 to 33/75 Details   PDF
Brien Land
Archivaria 23 (Winter 1986-87) WHALEN (ed.), Reference Services in Archives Details   PDF
H.T. Holman
Archivaria 31: includes supplement "Public Programming in Archives" (Winter 1990-91) What Are the Clients? Who Are the Products? The Future of Archival Public Services in Perspective Details   PDF
Barbara Lazenby Craig
Archivaria 69: Special Issue on Archives and the Law (Spring 2010) What Canadian Archivists Know About Copyright and Where They Get Their Knowledge Abstract   PDF
Jean Dryden
Archivaria 58 (Fall 2004) What is a Collection? Details   PDF   abstract
James Curral, Michael Moss, Susan Stuart
Archivaria 37 (Spring 1994) What Is Archival Theory and Why Is It Important? Details   PDF
Terry Eastwood
Archivaria 37 (Spring 1994) What is Archival Theory and Why is it Important? Response to Terry Eastwood's Paper Details   PDF
John Roberts
Archivaria 43 (Spring 1997) What is Past is Prologue: A History of Archival Ideas Since 1898, and the Future Paradigm Shift Details   PDF   abstract
Terry Cook
Archivaria 40 (Fall 1995) "What the Papers Say": Archives in the English-Language Canadian Public Press, 1989-1994 Details   PDF   abstract
Barbara Lazenby Craig
Archivaria 14: Archives and Social History (Summer 1982) What to Do with the Archives of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: The View from a Provincial Perspective Details   PDF
Derek Reimer
Archivaria 76 (Fall 2013) What We Talk About When We Talk About Original Order in Writers’ Archives Abstract   PDF
Jennifer Douglas
Archivaria 57 (Spring 2004) What's History Got to Do With It?: Reconsidering the Place of Historical Knowledge in Archival Work Details   PDF   abstract
Tom Nesmith
Archivaria 43 (Spring 1997) When is the Future? Comparative Notes on the Electronic Record-Keeping Projects of the University of Pittsburgh and the University of British Columbia Details   PDF
Paul Marsden
Archivaria 47 (Spring 1999) Where's Home? Documenting Locality at the Dawn of the Electronic Age Details   PDF
Brien Brothman
Archivaria 72 (Fall 2011) Where’s the Archivist in Digital Curation? Exploring the Possibilities through a Matrix of Knowledge and Skills Abstract   PDF
Christopher A. Lee, Helen Tibbo
Archivaria 6 (Summer 1978) WHITE (comp.), The Fur Trade in Minnesota: An Introductory Guide to Manuscript Sources Details   PDF
Shirlee Anne Smith
Archivaria 48 (Fall 1999) WHITE, In Search of Geraldine Moodie Details   PDF
Sherry Newman
Archivaria 20 (Summer 1985) WHITEMAN (comp.), The Macmillan Archive: Part One Details   PDF
Nancy McMahon
Archivaria 20 (Summer 1985) Whither Archivy?: Some Personal Observations Addressed to Those Who Would Fiddle While Rome Burns Details   PDF
Richard M. Kesner
Archivaria 8 (Summer 1979) WHITLAW (ed.), The Dalhousie Journals Details   PDF
Brian C. Cuthbertson
Archivaria 38 (Fall 1994) Who Is Preserving Private Records? Details   PDF
Robert A.J. McDonald
Archivaria 53 (Spring 2002) Who Was the Scribe of the Radisson Manuscript? Details   PDF   abstract
Germaine Warkentin
Archivaria 17 (Winter 1983-84) Whose Handmaiden?: The Archivist and the Institutional Historian Details   PDF
Don Page
Archivaria 45 (Spring 1998) Wilfred I. Smith, 1919-1998 Details   PDF
Michael D. Swift
Archivaria 39 (Spring 1995) Will Metadata Replace Archival Description? A Commentary Details   PDF   abstract
Wendy M. Duff
Archivaria 25: includes supplement, "The Archival Legacy of the Department of the Interior" (Winter 1987-88) William George Ormsby, 1921-1987 Details   PDF
Archivaria 68: Special Section on Queer Archives (Fall 2009) William Henry Cooper, 1935–2009 Details   PDF
Leon S. Warmski
Archivaria 66 (Fall 2008) William S. (Bill) O’Farrell Jr., 1954–2008 Details   PDF
Rosemary Bergeron, Yvette Hackett, Nancy Marrelli
Archivaria 25: includes supplement, "The Archival Legacy of the Department of the Interior" (Winter 1987-88) WILLIAMS, A Guide to Iron And Steel: Pictures in the Hagley Museum and Library; WILLIAMS and MUIR, Corporate Images: Photography and the Du Pont Company 1865-1972 Details   PDF
Andrew C. Rodger
Archivaria 17 (Winter 1983-84) WILLIAMS, Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society Details   PDF
Rodney Young
Archivaria 64 (Fall 2007) WILLIAMS, Managing Archives: Foundations, Principles and Practice Details   PDF
Johanna Smith
Archivaria 40 (Fall 1995) WILSON (coord.), and JAMES, A Record of Service: A Guide to the Holdings of the Central Archives of the United Church of Canada Details   PDF
Hugo Leendert Philip Stibbe
Archivaria 23 (Winter 1986-87) WILSON (chair), Report of the Advisory Committee on Archives Details   PDF
David A. Walden
Archivaria 38 (Fall 1994) WILSON (ed.), Manuscripts and Government Records in the United Kingdom and Ireland Relating to Canada Details   PDF
Julian Gwyn
Archivaria 5: Photographs and Archives (Winter 1977-78) WILSON (ed.), Ontario and the First World War, 1914–1918 Details   PDF
Peter Robertson
Archivaria 20 (Summer 1985) WILSON, The Enterprises of Robert Hamilton: A Study of Wealth and Influence in Early Upper Canada, 1776–1812; CUTHBERTSON, The Loyalist Governor: Biography of Sir John Wentworth Details   PDF
Bruce Walton
Archivaria 43 (Spring 1997) WINTER, Haig's Command: A Reassessment Details   PDF
Tim Cook
Archivaria 42: includes supplement: "Perspectives on Archival Education in Canada" (Fall 1996) WINTER, Sites of Memory, Sites of Mourning Details   PDF
Tim Cook
Archivaria 12: Includes index to issues 1-10 (Summer 1981) WISE, Canadian Airmen and the First World War: The Official History of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Vol. I Details   PDF
Carl R. Vincent
Archivaria 39 (Spring 1995) "With A Little Help from my Friends": External Advisory and Oversight Bodies in the Development of Archives Details   PDF
Larry J. Hackman
Archivaria 1 (Winter 1975/6) WOLFE, Captured German and Related Records: A National Archives Conference Details   PDF
W.B. Yeo
Archivaria 37 (Spring 1994) WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION ARCHIVES, "My face is a well-written page, Maggie": Images of the McCormick Home 1892–1992 Details   PDF
Chris Plagnol
Archivaria 30: Religious Archives (Summer 1990) Women's Missionary Society Records in the Presbyterian Archives Details   PDF
Elspeth Reid
Archivaria 19 (Winter 1984-85) WOODCOCK, Letter to the Past: An Autobiography Details   PDF
Peter Miller
Archivaria 33 (Winter 1991-92) WOODMAN, Unravelling the Franklin Mystery: Inuit Testimony Details   PDF
Douglas Whyte
Archivaria 6 (Summer 1978) WOODWARD (ed.), Five Centuries of Map Printing Details   PDF
Robert J Hayward
Archivaria 34: International Congress on Archives (ICA) (Summer 1992) WOOLF, The Idea of History in Early Stuart England: Erudition, Ideology, and "The Light of Truth" from the Accession of James I to the Civil War Details   PDF
Daniel German
Archivaria 39 (Spring 1995) Working Cooperatively for a Sustainable Future: Total Archives In Nanaimo Details   PDF
Jane Turner
Archivaria 26: Archives and Military History (Summer 1988) "Working in Thin Air": Of Archives and the Deschênes Commission Details   PDF
Robert J. Hayward
Archivaria 27: Documenting Labour (Winter 1988-89) Working Through the Records: Using Business Records to Study Workers and the Management of Labour Details   PDF
John C. Rumm
Archivaria 37 (Spring 1994) YATES, Control Through Communication: The Rise of System in American Management Details   PDF
Sara Hemingway
Archivaria 22: Includes index to issues 11-20 (Summer 1986) YORK UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES, Catalogue of the CBC Television Drama Collection Details   PDF
Joan Fairweather
Archivaria 35: Proceedings of the ACA Seventeenth Annual Conference, Montreal 12-15 September 1992 (Spring 1993) "You Don't Need Ruby Slippers." ACA 1992 Annual Conference Keynote Address Details   PDF
Jean E. Dryden
Archivaria 7 (Winter 1978-79) YOUNG, Promoters and Politicians: The North-Shore Railways in the History of Quebec, 1854–1885 Details   PDF
Richard W. Ramsay
Archivaria 50 (Fall 2000) YOUNG, The Making and Unmaking of a University Museum: The McCord, 1921-1996 Details   PDF
Shelley Sweeney
Archivaria 53 (Spring 2002) Your Home Our City: 100 Years of Public Control Over Private Space Details   PDF
Michele Dale
Archivaria 20 (Summer 1985) YOURCENAR, Le labyrinthe du monde. Vol. I, Souvenirs pieux; Vol. II. Archives du Nord Details   PDF
Brien Brothman
Archivaria 68: Special Section on Queer Archives (Fall 2009) Youth Outreach Initiatives at the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives Abstract   PDF
Kate Zieman
Archivaria 5: Photographs and Archives (Winter 1977-78) Yukon Archives Visual Photograph Finding Aid Details   PDF   abstract
Linda Johnson
Archivaria 28 (Summer 1989) YUKON ARCHIVES, Yukon Native History and Culture: A Bibliography of Sources Available at the Yukon Archives Details   PDF
Lesley Buchan
Archivaria 22: Includes index to issues 11-20 (Summer 1986) YURKIW & LAVOIE (eds.), Union List of Manuscripts in Canadian Repositories, Supplement for 1981-1982; TAYOLR et al. (eds.), Manuscripts: The First Twenty Years Details   PDF
Nancy McMahon
Archivaria 67: Special Section on Taking a Stand!: Activism in Canadian Cultural Archives (Spring 2009) Yves Saint Laurent. MUSÉE DES BEAUX-ARTS DE MONTRÉAL et FINE ARTS MUSEUMS OF SAN FRANCISCO Details   PDF
Louis Campeau
Archivaria 69: Special Issue on Archives and the Law (Spring 2010) YVON LEMAY et LOUISE GAGNON ARGUIN, L’archiviste : Constructeur, gardien et communicateur. Mélanges en hommage à Jacques Grimard 1947-2007 Details   PDF
Karima Kafif
Archivaria 5: Photographs and Archives (Winter 1977-78) ZASLOW, Reading the Rocks: The Story of the Geological Survey of Canada, 1842–1972 Details   PDF
R. Peter Gillis
Archivaria 29: includes supplement, "The Education of Archivists" (Winter 1989-90) ZASLOW, The Northward Expansion of Canada, 1914–1967 Details   PDF
Douglas Whyte
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