Editorial Team

General Editor

  1. Jennifer Douglas, University of British Columbia

Senior Associate Editor

  1. Fiorella Foscarini, University of Toronto

Managing Editor

  1. Shyla Seller, Simon Fraser University

Online Editor

  1. Emily Sommers, University of Toronto Archives & Records Management Services

French Language Editor

  1. Marcel Barriault, Library and Archives Canada

Book Review Editor

  1. Alexandra Wieland, Simon Fraser University

Exhibition Review Editor

  1. Catherine MacArthur Falls, Archives of Ontario

French Language Book and Exhibition Review Editor

  1. Émilie Letourneau, Library and Archives Canada

Editorial Board

  1. Catherine A. Bailey, Library and Archives Canada
  2. Greg Bak, University of Manitoba
  3. Rodney Carter, St. Joseph Region Archives of the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph
  4. Amy Marshall Furness, Art Gallery of Ontario
  5. Kathryn Harvey, University of Guelph
  6. Jeremy Heil, Queen's University
  7. Heather Home, Queen's University
  8. Robert McIntosh, Library and Archives Canada
  9. Geoffrey Yeo, University College London