Archivaria Awards for 2009

The W. Kaye Lamb Prize and the Hugh A. Taylor Prize were awarded at the 2010 ACA Awards Lunch in Halifax. The winners for 2009 (issue 66-68), and the official citations, are as follows: W. Kaye Lamb Prize: Steven Maynard, “Police/Archives” Archivaria 68 (Fall 2009) Part personal journey, part intellectual discourse, historian Steven Maynard delightfully shares his own mal d’archives in searching for “missing” police records. In the process, and with real appreciation for archives, he interweaves a highly nuanced analysis, following Foucault, of police-as-archives/archives-as-police. With disarming clarity and simplicity, Maynard’s lively exploration of the archive as state disciplinary institution encourages self-reflection on the nature of archives and the role of archivists in society. Hugh Taylor Prize: Heather MacNeil, “Archivalterity: Rethinking Original Order” Archivaria 66 (Fall 2008) With elegant prose and well-polished analysis, Heather MacNeil uses cross-disciplinary insights from textual criticism to explore the relationship between original order, archival arrangement, and notions of authenticity and representation. Through two real-world case studies into the history of ever-changing records, both before and after they enter archival custody, she takes the sacred archival concept of original order and shows it to be a professional conceit deserving close interrogation. Her contribution adds considerable nuance to archival theory and offers many possibilities for enhanced archival practice. Congratulations to both Steven and Heather for their outstanding achievements. The criteria for each prize and a list of past winners can be found on the ACA website: Carolyn Heald | General Editor, Archivaria