2014 Dodds Prize Winner

As managing editor of Archivaria, I am very pleased to announce that Martin Skrypnyk has been award the Gordon Dodds Prize for 2014 for his paper "The Pillow Book of Chris Marker." Martin is a student at the University of Toronto and his paper was submitted by Prof. Heather MacNeil. Instituted in 2011, the Dodds Prize recognizes superior research and writing on an archival topic by a student enrolled in a Master's level archival studies program at a Canadian university. The award honours Gordon Dodds (1941-2010) who was the first President of the ACA, and Archivaria's longest-serving general editor. Eight submissions were received for the 2013/14 academic year, and reviewed by an adjudication committee consisting of: Robert McIntosh (LAC) serving in place of the general editor, Loryl Macdonald (ACA-Archivaria liaison/University of Toronto), Heather Home (Queen's University), and Jim Burant (LAC, retired) The paper will be published in the Spring 2015 issue of Archivaria, and the award will be formally presented at the ACA conference in Regina next June. The citation on the award certificate, as written by the adjudication committee will read: "Calling on a diversity of evidence, highly original, this essay was delightful. Marked by a mature, thoughtful consideration of the subject, and a clarity of expression, 'The Pillow Book of Chris Marker' makes a solid contribution to the literature on the rethinking of original order. It reflects well the superior research and writing on an archival topic by a master's level student that the Dodds Prize recognizes." Congratulations, Martin, for this excellent work! And my thanks to the adjudication committee members for agreeing to serve. Suzanne Dubeau Managing Editor, Archivaria