Editorial Team changes at Archivaria

The publication of Archivaria 78 marks the end of Suzanne’ Dubeau’s term as Managing Editor. Suzanne took on this role in 2011 and over the last 4 years and 8(!) issues of Archivaria she has carried out her responsibilities with exceptional skill, dedication and good humour. On behalf of the Editorial Board I would like to take the opportunity to thank Suzanne most sincerely for the excellent work she has done shepherding Archivaria 71-78 through the production process and I would like to thank her personally for all the sage advice and tremendous moral support she has given me since I became GE. I am also very pleased to report that Suzanne has agreed to remain on the Editorial Board for another 3 year term (2015-2017). With Archivaria 79, Jeremy Heil officially begins his term as Managing Editor and Emily Sommers begins her term as Technical Coordinator. So, on behalf of the Editorial Board, I wish them both bon courage! With best wishes to all for a happy, healthy, and productive new year! Heather Heather MacNeil General Editor Archivaria