Archivaria Awards for 2012

Archivaria announces Taylor and Lamb prize winners Archivaria is pleased to announce that Paul Conway and Ricardo Punzalan have been awarded the Hugh A. Taylor Prize for 2012 for their article “Fields of Vision: Toward a New Theory of Visual Literacy for Digitized Archival Photographs” Archivaria 71 (Spring 2011) This prize is awarded annually to the author of the Archivaria article that presents new ideas or refreshing syntheses in the most imaginative way, especially by exploring the implications of concepts or trends from other disciplines for archival thinking and activity, and by extending the boundaries of archival theory in new directions. The citation reads: "The authors’ innovative “fields of vision” theory complements theoretical discussions of the effects of digitization by adopting a user-centred perspective. The article offers significant insights into the various ways in which users attach value to, and construct meaning from, original and digitized images." Archivaria is to announce that Laura Carroll, Erika Farr, Peter Hornsby, and Ben Ranker have been awarded the W. Kaye Lamb Prize for 2012 for their article “A Comprehensive Approach to Born-Digital Archives” Archivaria 72 (Fall 2011) This prize is given annually to the author of an article appearing in ARCHIVARIA -- the Journal of the Association of Canadian Archivists -- that, by its exceptional combination of research, reflection, and writing, most advances archival thinking in Canada. The citation reads: This case study documents the archival processing of a large and significant collection of born-digital records. It is an excellent example of theory applied to the challenges of digital preservation. Of particular note are the use of emulation as a digital preservation strategy, the importance of a multidisciplinary team, the need to balance the interests of diverse stakeholders, and the overall holistic approach.