The Public Archives of Canada, 1948–1968

  • William George Ormsby

Author Biography

William George Ormsby
William Ormsby is presently the Provincial Archivist of Ontario, a position he has held since July 1978. He began his archival career at the Public Archives of Canada in 1948 and continued at the PAC under Dr. Lamb until 1964, when he accepted a teaching position at Brock University where he remained until 1978. Bruce Peel was Chief Librarian, University of Alberta, from 1955 until his retirement last year; he is the author of numerous books, articles, and bibliographies in library science and regional history.
How to Cite
Ormsby, William George. 1982. “The Public Archives of Canada, 1948–1968”. Archivaria 15 (January), 36-46.

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