Diplomatics: New Uses for an Old Science, Part I

  • Luciana Duranti

Author Biography

Luciana Duranti
Luciana Duranti is Assistant Professor in the Master of Archival Studies Programme at the School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, a position she has held since 1 July 1987. Prior to this, she was a Professor in the Special School of Archivists and Librarians at the University of Rome (1982-1987); served as State Archivist in the State Archives of Rome (1978-1982); and Project Archivist for the National Research Council of Italy (1974-1977). Professor Duranti has earned a Doctorate in Arts (1973) and a Master of Archival Studies degree (1975), both degrees from the University of Rome. In addition to teaching three courses in the MAS programme, she is active in several archival and records management associations, and her writings have been published internationally.
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