An Archival User Study: Researchers in the Field of Women's History

  • Diane Beattie

Author Biography

Diane Beattie
Diane L. Beattie is a graduate of the Master of Archival Studies program at the University of British Columbia (1987), having received an Honours B.A. degree in Canadian History from the University of New Brunswick (1983). She is currently Systems Development Officer. Manuscripts Division, National Archives of Canada, Ottawa, a postion she has held since February 1990. Prior to this, she was Information Analyst for the Government Records Branch of the National Archives of Canada (1988-90), Descriptive Standards Project Officer of the Bureau of Canadian Archivists and Planning Committee on Descriptive Standards (1987-88). She held the office of secretary of the Association of British Columbia Archivists (1985-86).
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Beattie, Diane. 1989. “An Archival User Study: Researchers in the Field of Women’s History”. Archivaria 29 (January), 51-56.