The Education Committee of the Toronto Area Archivists Group

  • Debra Barr

Author Biography

Debra Barr
Debra Barr is currently employed in the University of Toronto Archives compiling an inventory to the papers of Vincent Massey. She obtained her Master of Archival Studies degree from the University of British Columbia (1985). She is Chairperson of the Toronto sub-committee of the Ontario Association of Archivists' Education Committee and will be guest editor of Archivaria 30. She has compiled a Guide to the Papers of Earle Birney for the Thomas Fisher Library, University of Toronto, and prior to moving to Toronto was archivist of the Anglican Diocese of British Columbia in Victoria.
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Barr, Debra. 1989. “The Education Committee of the Toronto Area Archivists Group”. Archivaria 29 (January), 258-62.