Historical Research Using Computer Files from the 1871 Census of Ontario

  • David L. Brown
  • Bruce S. Elliott
  • Lorna R. McLean

Author Biographies

David L. Brown
David L. Brown has been an archivist at the National Archives of Canada for the past eleven years, specializing in machine-readable records. Presently he is the Manager of the Geomatics Programme in the Cartographic and Audio-visual Archives Division, specializing in electronic records used for the production of maps and architectural drawings. A geographer by training (Carleton University), he is the author of numerous studies which examine the settlement of pre- 1850 Upper Canada.
Bruce S. Elliott
Bruce S. Elliott is an assistant professor of Canadian History at Carleton University in Ottawa and a graduate of the Department of English Local History at the University of iy Leicester. He is the author of Irish Migrants in the Canadas and The Ct Beyond, a study of the development of the suburban city of Nepean, Ontario.
Lorna R. McLean
Lorna R. McLean is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of History at the University of Ottawa. Her M.A. thesis examined the non-wage labour of working-class women in Ottawa in the late nineteenth century. Her current research focuses on the relationship between law and society in nineteenth-century Ontario.
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Brown, David L., Bruce S. Elliott, and Lorna R. McLean. 1991. “Historical Research Using Computer Files from the 1871 Census of Ontario”. Archivaria 33 (January). https://archivaria.ca/index.php/archivaria/article/view/11807.
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