The First Shall Be First: <i>APPM</i> and its Impact on American Archival Description

  • Steven L. Hensen

Author Biography

Steven L. Hensen
Steven L. Hensen received his BA in 1967 and his MA in Library Science in 1971, both from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has worked in rnanuscriptslspecial collections at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, the University of Chicago, Yale University and the Library of Congress, and as programme officer for Archives, Manuscripts and Special Collections at the Research Libraries Group, Inc. He is currently Assistant Director of Special Collections at Duke University Library. He is the author of Archives, Personal Papers, and Manuscripts, the AACR2-based cataloguing manual recommended by the Library of Congress, OCLC, RLIN, and the Society of American Archivists as the authorized standard for all archival description. He has also been active in the development of the USMARC-AMC format, as a member of the SAA National Information Systems Task Force and in other standards development, most recently as a member of the NHPRC-funded Working Group on Standards for Archival Description. He has given numerous papers in the area of archival description and standards, as well as a series of workshops in the United States and Canada on archival description and the use of the MARC-AMC format.
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Hensen, Steven L. 1992. “The First Shall Be First: <i>APPM</i&gt; And Its Impact on American Archival Description”. Archivaria 35 (February), 64-70.