Macro-Appraisal Theory and the Context of the Public Records Creator

  • Richard Brown

Author Biography

Richard Brown

Richard Brown has been an archivist at the National Archives of Canada since 1983, where he currently manages the development of submissions and appraisals for federal government records in the Records Disposition Division. His academic background includes a BA in Canadian History from the University of New Brunswick ( 1974), and a PhD in Italian Renaissance History from the University of Edinburgh in 1982. For the past several years, Richard has been involved in the formulation of macro-appraisal initiatives at the National Archives for the Archives and Government Records Branch, notably the corporate Acquisition Strategy Model, the Government- Wide Plan, and the Private Sector Records Acquisition Strategy. He is presently a core member of the NA project team assembled to review and revise the General Records Disposal Schedules (GRDS) of the Government of Canada.

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Brown, Richard. 1995. “Macro-Appraisal Theory and the Context of the Public Records Creator”. Archivaria 40 (October), 121-72.