Film Archives at the Centenary of Film

  • Sam Kula

Author Biography

Sam Kula
Chris Hurley has a BA (Hons) in History (University of Sydney) and post-graduate diplomas in Education (University of Sydney), Librarianship (University of New South Wales), and Archives (University of London). He began working in archives in 1971 at the Australian Archives where he was involved at various times in arrangement and description, transfer and disposal, and the development of the 1983 Archives Act. From 1981 to 1990, he was Keeper of Public Records for the State of Victoria. He has served four terms on the Council of the Australian Society of Archivists (ASA) and has convened both the A.C.T. and Victorian Branches. He is currently Convener of the ASA's Education Committee. Sam Kula has been involved with the conservation of moving images since he was trained by Ernest Lindgren at the National Film Archives of the British Film Institute in London. After five years of service in Washington as Archivist of the American Film Institute, he returned to Canada in 1973 to establish the National Film Archives Division at the National Archives in Ottawa; he managed that activity for fifteen years. He now directs the Canadian Image Project for the Department of Canadian Heritage.
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