The Difference Best Postponed?: Cultures and Comparative Archival Science

  • Eric Ketelaar

Author Biography

Eric Ketelaar
Eric Ketelaar is Professor of Archival Science both at Leiden University and at the University of Amsterdam, and Inspector General of the State Archives Service of The Netherlands. He was General State Archivist (National Archivist) of The Netherlands from 1989 to 1997. Previously, he was Assistant Lecturer of Legal History at Leiden University, Secretary of the Archives Council, Director of the Dutch State School of Archivists, and Assistant to the General State Archivist, Deputy General State Archivist, and State Archivist in the province of Groningen. He has served the Royal Society of Dutch Archivists as Vice President, President, and Chairman of the Steering Committee on Automation. For his work as editor of the thirteen-volume series of guides to all repositories in The Netherlands (1979-1987), he was awarded the Society of Dutch Archivists' first Hendrik van Wijn medal. He has served the International Council of Archives as Secretary for Standardization, and as Secretary of the International Conference of the Round Table on archives. He has been a member of the European Commission on Preservation and Access since its foundation in 1994, and in 1996 he was elected Chairman of the Program Management Commission and Vice President of the International Council on Archives. He has written many articles (a number of which were republished in a volume of collected essays, The Archival Image, in 1997) and he has written or co-authored several books, including two general introductions to archival research and a handbook on Dutch archives and records management legislation.
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Ketelaar, Eric. 1997. “The Difference Best Postponed?: Cultures and Comparative Archival Science”. Archivaria 44 (February), 142-48.