Theoretical Principles and Practical Problems of <i>Respect des fonds</i> in Archival Science

  • Michel Duchein

Author Biography

Michel Duchein
Carman V. Carroll is Chief of the Public Affairs Archives, Manuscript Division, Public Archives of Canada. He has served as Secretary on the Executives of the Association of Canadian Archivists and the Canadian Historical Association. After studies at the Ecole nationale des Charles in Paris, Michel Duchein took his degree in archival science in 1949 and in history in 1952. He was Head of the Technical Division of the Direction GPnPrale des Archives de France from 1957 to 1978, at which time he assumed his present position of Inspector General of the Archives of France. He has been Editor-in-Chief of Archivum since 1968; carried out special archival assignments for UNESCO, UNO, and ICA in Africa, Asia, and Latin America; and published more than thirty articles in the archival journals of eleven countries.
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Duchein, Michel. 1983. “Theoretical Principles and Practical Problems of <i>Respect Des fonds</i&gt; In Archival Science”. Archivaria 16 (January), 64-82.