Archivy <i>Ad Portas</i>: The Archives–Records Management Paradigm Re-visited in the Electronic Information Age

  • Dan Zelenyj

Author Biography

Dan Zelenyj
Dan Zelenyj is currently Corporate Archivist for the City of Vaughan. Prior to this appointment, he served on the staff of the City of Vaughan Archives, and with the Archives of Ontario and the Walter Reuther Archives of Labor History and Urban Affairs/Wayne State University Archives. He holds an MA in History with specialization in Archival Administration (1988) from the University of Windsor/Wayne State University. His current areas of professional interest include electronic recordkeeping systems and, most recently, the EAD data structure standard.
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Zelenyj, Dan. 1999. “Archivy <i>Ad Portas</I&gt;: The Archives–Records Management Paradigm Re-Visited in the Electronic Information Age”. Archivaria 47 (February), 66-84.