Reflections on Early <i>Archivaria</i>: Intimations of Polyphony

  • Peter Bower

Author Biography

Peter Bower
Peter Bower was the founding General Editor of Archivaria. He is currently Executive Director of the Access and Privacy Division of the Manitoba Ombudsman's Office responsible for compliance oversight of The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and The Personal Health Information Act. For most of the last forty years, he has been engaged in informationrelated activities from a variety of perspectives including news reporter, journal editor, research historian, public service and institutional manager, consultant, and professional archivist. He has spoken on and written about a variety of matters such as the built environment, historical events, archival issues, organizational and legal frameworks for the archives of several developing countries in Africa and the South Pacific, and access and privacy-related themes. He holds degrees from the University of Victoria and Dalhousie University.
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Bower, Peter. 2000. “Reflections on Early <i>Archivaria</I&gt;: Intimations of Polyphony”. Archivaria 49 (January), 1-19.