Macro Archives, Micro States

  • Trudy Huskamp Peterson


Records of concern to one people often end up in archives controlled by another group of people. Many different events generate these cases of contestedcustody. In “Macro Archives, Micro States,” the author suggests a typology of such cases, links the cases to nationalist emphases, and discusses some current efforts to ameliorate the tensions these contested archives can cause.


Les documents de grande importance pour certains groupes de la population se retrouvent souvent dans des institutions d’archives qu’ils ne contrôlentpas. Plusieurs types d’évènements peuvent occasionner de tels cas de propriété contestée. Dans cet article, l’auteure met de l’avant une typologie de ces cas, en lesliant à divers aspects du nationalisme, et discute de quelques-uns des efforts mis del’avant afin d’améliorer les tensions qui entourent ces documents d’archives contestés.

Author Biography

Trudy Huskamp Peterson
Trudy Huskamp Peterson is Archivist for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. She was Acting Archivist of the United States from 1993–1995, and was the founding Executive Director of the Open Society Archives in Budapest, Hungary. A past president of the Society of American Archivists and of the International Conference of the Round Table on Archives, Trudy holds a Ph.D. in history from the University of Iowa.
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Huskamp Peterson, Trudy. 2000. “Macro Archives, Micro States”. Archivaria 50 (November), 41-51.