2020 Archivaria Awards


W. Kaye Lamb Prize

Jennifer Douglas, Alexandra Alisauskas, Devon Mordell, “’Treat Them with the Reverence of Archivists’: Records Work, Grief Work, and Relationship Work in the Archives,” Archivaria 88 (Fall 2019).

Hugh Taylor Prize

Gracen Brilmyer, Joyce Gabiola, Jimmy Zavala, Michelle Caswell, "Reciprocal Archival Imaginaries: The Shifting Boundaries of ‘Community’ in Community Archives,” Archivaria 88 (Fall 2019).

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Current Issue

Archivaria 89 (Spring 2020)
Archivaria 89 cover: image of Hon Lu with his cousin, Shanobi Lam

Front Cover:

Hon Lu with his cousin, Shanobi Lam, at their cousin’s wedding, Los Angeles, California, 2009.

Gift of Hon Lu. Courtesy of the Family Camera Network and the ArQuives.

Published: 2020-05-11

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