Archivaria 61: Special Section on Archives, Space and Power (Spring 2006)

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Special Section on Archives, Space and Power

"Having New Eyes": Spaces of Archives, Landscapes of Power
Joan M. Schwartz
Authority in Space?: Creating a Digital Web-based Map Archive
Charles W.J. Withers, Andrew Grout
Invisible Presence: The Whitening of the Black Community in the Historical Imagination of British Archives
Caroline Bressey
A Postcolonial Archive? On the Paradox of Practice in a Northwest Alaska Project
Matthew Kurtz
Digging in Your Own Backyard
Richard H. Schein


Touchstones: Considering the Relationship between Memory and Archives
Laura Millar
Towards an Archival Concept of Evidence
Jennifer Meehan
Turning Macro-appraisal Decisions into Archival Holdings: Crafting Function-based Terms and Conditions for the Transfer of Archival Records
Catherine A. Bailey
Power, Identity, Integrity, Authenticity, and the Archives: A Comparative Study of the Application of Archival Methodologies to Contemporary Privacy
Malcolm Todd
Of Things Said and Unsaid: Power, Archival Silences, and Power in Silence
Rodney G.S. Carter


Archives, Life Cycles, and Death Wishes: A Helical Model of Record Formation
Brien Brothman

Studies in Documents

"I make a lot of clothes for my family": The 1937-1939 Family Income and Expenditure Survey at the Dominion Bureau of Statistics
Cara Downey
Canadiana Bruxellensia: Two Canadian Manuscripts at the Royal Library of Belgium in Brussels
Michiel Verweij

Notes and Communications

"Out, Damned Spot!" The Staining of the Proclamation of the Constitution Act, 1982
James M. Whalen
Ethnographic Archival Records and Cultural Property
Krisztina Laszlo

Book Reviews

BASKERVILLE, Sites of Power: A Concise History of Ontario
Kerry Badgley
FISHER (ed.), Archival Information: How to Find It, How to Use it
Heather LeDuc
ROE, Arranging & Describing Archives & Manuscripts
Barry Cahill
BISCHOFF, HOFMAN, and ROSS (eds.), Metadata in Preservation: Selected Papers from an ERPANET Seminar at the Archives School Marburg, 3-5 September 2003
Deane Zeeman
HERON, Booze: A Distilled History; COOK, Through Sunshine and Shadow: The Women's Christian Temperance Union, Evangelism and Reform in Ontario 1874-1930
Sarah Stacy
TAYLOR, The Archive and the Repertoire, Perfoming Cultural Memory in the Americas
Jeannette A. Bastian
BOLES, Selecting and Appraising Archives and Manuscripts
Lynne Prunskus
BAKER (ed.), Judacia in the Slavic Realm, Slavica in the Judaic Realm: Repositories, Collections, Projects, Publications
Barry Dov Walfish
TAYLOR and TILLETT (eds.), Authority Control in Organizing and Accessing Information: Definition and International Experience
Kristina Aston
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