Gordon Dodds Prize Winners

Year Author(s) Article Issue
2021 Melissa Castron “Colonialism, Computerized: The Canada Land Inventory and the Canada Geographic Information System at Library and Archives Canada” 93 (Spring / Summer 2022)
2020 Moska Rokay “Ethnography as an Archival Tool: A Case Study of the Afghan-Canadian Diaspora” 91 (Spring / Summer 2021)
2019 Renée Saucier "Medical Cartography in Ontario, 1880–1920: A Records Perspective" 89 (Spring 2020)
2018 Devon Mordell "Critical Questions for Archives as (Big) Data" 87 (Spring 2019)
2017 Alyssa Hamer "Ethics of Archival Practice: New Considerations in the Digital Age"  85 (Spring 2018)
2016 Allison Mills "Learning to Listen: Archival Sound Recordings and Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property" 83 (Spring 2017)
2015 Grant Hurley "Community Archives, Community Clouds: Enabling Digital Preservation for Small Archives" 81 (Spring 2016)
2014 Martin Skrypnyk "The Pillow Book of Chris Marker: The Arrangement and Description of Personal Archives" 79 (Spring 2015)
2012 Jordan Bass "A PIM Perspective: Leveraging Personal Information Management Research in the Archiving of Personal Digital Records"  75 (Spring 2013)

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